Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sneak Peek - Saucer Launch

Recently, I've been working on a POV-Ray animation of flying saucer taking off from a launch bay. At right is what the launch bay looks like so far.

I might add or edit a few details, make some lighting changes, but I think it is pretty close the way I want it.

It will be short, but I am planning to release it under a Creative Commons license, so others will be able to incorporate it into their videos. *

Saturday, January 1, 2011

ToonTube Reborn!

I have been happy to see Wes Abrams's ToonTube site (http://www.toonlifeonline.com/toontube/) spring back to life over the past few weeks. ToonTube is an animation forum featuring family friendly animations in a variety of styles (2d, 3d, stop motion, hand drawn, digitally created, etc.) It was comatose for quite a while due to Magnify.net (which formerly powered the site) having imposed a 200 video limitation on their free accounts (and Wes's understandable reluctance to fork over $100 plus dollars a year for something that had previously been free).

Now, however, it's back in the form of a PHP-powered set forum and open to new videos once more. So if you are an animator or just like watching animations, I would encourage you to stop by. Please note the above url carefully as there are a number of other sites with similar names.

(Full disclosure: I'm an admin on ToonTube and an active participant, so I'm definitely not unbiased). *