Monday, July 7, 2008

Adventures of Stickman (first 4 episodes)

Drawing (and animating) stick figures is a time-honored art. Here are the first episodes of Wes Abrams own unique contributions to the genre. I think Episodes 1 and 2 have their charm, but it's in episodes 3 and 4 with the introduction of Stickchick that the story really takes off :)

In addition to Stickman, Wes Abrams also has several other animated series, an animation community site, a blog, and other animation-related items, all of which can be accessed from his site, *


Wes said...

Thanks for posting this. I think the last four episodes (5-8) are much better though. I think you can really see stickmans movements evolve. Once again thanks. I will post this story on my blog and put a link to it

TedTheBlogger said...

I agree that he gets better later in the series, and I definitely plan on posting the those episodes soon :)