Friday, January 9, 2009

Revver Down (Temporarily I Hope)

I had hoped to be able to post a Revver video here today. Maybe I'll get the chance later, but as of right now Revver seems to be totally down.

By totally, I mean, the Revver blog, and the Revver forums are all inaccessible as far as I can tell. Worse, it looks like video hosting is affected as well. Of course, there's always the possibility that it is a lesser problem, specific to my ISP (ATT), although that would also be bad.

Either way, I hope the situation is of short duration. It's always a bit disconcerting when something like this happens. Doubly so when it involves an entity which is behind in payments to its users. Still, I won't write a premature obituary for Revver just yet. They've come back from this sort of problem before. I hope that will be the case this time as well.

Later in the day: OK, it's all back online now. I'm sure what went wrong, but hopefully the fix is enduring :)


simon said...

I'm not holding out much hope, I have never lost ALL my videos on my site. Things do not look good for Revver...


S said...

Revver's down for me too :( It's probably attributed to the financial problem that they've seemed to never have left behind.

Hope they haven't disappeared though!

YourTutorOnline said...

I am in the process of switching all of my videos over to YouTube.

You are right Ted, this has happened before. And it is completely frustrating every time. I can no longer rely on Revver to be my primary video hosting service.

Do you, or your readers know of any viable alternatives? I would rather not go over to YouTube; I did like the promise of revenue from my videos.

TedTheBlogger said...


hopefully your videos are back now, as all of the Revver sites seem to be up and running once more.


I don't know if it was financially related or not, but at least they seem to be back online now.

YourTutorOnline, seems the best alternative to me. They are strong in some of the areas where Revver is weak (payments on schedule, fewer & less severe glitches).

On the other hand, Blip will only pay you a share of ad revenue for your videos - They don't give you a cut for sharing videos you did not create, whereas Revver does.

I have a somewhat more detailed analysis of the relative strengths and weaknesses of Revver, Blip, and Youtube here

simon said...

Thanks Ted, looks like I jumped the gun a bit, but can any one blame me with their track record :-)

In an attempt to find a more reliable host I have tried Blip.TV everything was going good, I was earning until they stopped my account without any notice because my video content was seen as advertising! I protested but to no avail.

So here I am back to square one. Now trying out Viddler, applied just need to get accepted...

TedTheBlogger said...

Can't blame you for jumping the gun a bit, Simon.

Seeing Revver offline for hours was enough to concern me. Seeing Revver AND related sites AND video serving all down was enough for the thought of Revver's demise to at least cross my mind.

Sorry Blip did not work out for you. Feel free to share your impressions of Viddler in this thread once you have tried it out a bit.

Taking a brief peek at the Viddler site, I did not see any indication that they share ad revenue with "normal" video publishers (maybe it is there but I missed it).

It seems to me that "Viddler for Business", does include ad revenue share for those who choose to run ads, but also that it requires at least $100 a month, depending on which plan one goes with.

Dan said...

Put my stuff on Aniboom a few months ago, seems to be okay. I can get a higher-res video on Aniboom, although there's no ad-revenue deals. Doesn't really matter to me, since I've never had enough views to warrant any money :|

The vids are also on YouTube, but the quality is crap. Weigh that against a gazillion potential viewers...

TedTheBlogger said...

Thanks Dan,

Good info. I'll probably post some of my stuff on YouTube at some point just for the exposure.

I had not considered Aniboom. I'll have to take a look at that too. It might be a good fit for me since the majority of my videos, at least, are animations.

simon said...

It's down again!

Anonymous said...

Big Sigh!
Yep, Simon, I hear ya. I've been so frustrated with this video sharing experience on YT and revver for all the changes and crap they've put us all through. I just got my site and blog all set up and boom, nothing but trouble almost daily since the economy sank. I'm ultra worried now.

TedTheBlogger said...

Yep, it's a pain. Hopefully at some point either things get better at Revver or some new company does everything Revver promises to do, minus the ongoing payment and stability problems.

I'm not counting on either of those occurring right away. We might be stuck with the current situation until the economy and venture capital markets recover :(

Anonymous said...

I have to use REVVER! Revver is the only video hosting site that can let you stream media into the Second Life world! I have no other option and have uploaded almost a hundred videos!
and now everything is gone and my Second Life business has been destroyed.

There is talk that they switched servers by tech chat

TedTheBlogger said...

Anonymous wrote:
"There is talk that they switched servers by tech chat"

This article on CNet News:

would support that.

Anonymous said...

Revver goes down weeks on end. It also does not now track when it is not working and the sites down. Just so you know I would look into it first. Read the alerts and all about lawsuits and affiliate programs as well as forums and things off news link at before getting hopes up on making money on vids.

Pepper Eyes - Personal Protection said...

Is it down again... I can't get on

TedTheBlogger said...

Yes, Revver seems to be down again from where I stand (both and Revver's video serving). The parent company site ( shows me only a logo page at this point. I'm not sure how long that has been the case.