Friday, August 30, 2013

A very brief look at animating with Daz Studio Pro 4.5

In order to get an inkling of what Daz Studio Pro 4.5 could do (and how easily it could be done), I created the following simple animation:

The portion created in Daz Studio Pro consists of the figure moving her arm up and down.  After exporting that to an avi file, I added the background and electricity in Paint Shop Pro 6/Animation Shop where I also shrunk it and exported the gif you see above.

First impressions of the program:

(1) Learning curve - It took me a little while to figure out how to do what I wanted, but it wasn't too bad, especially once I realized that not every element can be loaded on every figure.  Posing the figures is quite easy once one gets the hang of it.

(2) Power - The program has some pretty nifty capabilities.  With a little more effort, the figure above could be jumping around, spinning in place, and slapping herself in the head.  The amount of items (clothing, hair, etc.) that come free with the program is somewhat limited, but much more is available if one is willing to pay.

You can learn more about Daz Studio on the Daz website (including the Daz forums).  Also, feel free to take a look at (or participate in) a discussion that Stuart Whitmore and I have been having about Daz in this thread on his site,

P.S. Version 4.6 is available on the Daz website. They seem to update fairly frequently. *


Stuart Whitmore said...

I've found that being on the DAZ mailing list is a good way to find out about more freebies that can be added in, and also to find out about content that is on sale, sometimes as low as a dollar or two. It does take awhile (and potentially money) to accumulate enough to be productive, and there can be issues around managing the content, but it's a fun environment to play around with.

(Thanks for the Video Liberty link, btw!)

TedTheBlogger said...

Thanks, Stuart. That's good advice. Another way I've found to obtain content is to create it myself. More on that later :)