Thursday, October 17, 2013

Experiment Using the Daz Transfer Utility

Recently I watched the following video about how to use the Daz Transfer Utility in Daz Studio to change static objects into clothing for Daz figures that move with the figure:

The foregoing caused me to wonder if this feature could also be used to allow modifying the figure itself in an external program such as Sculptris or Wings 3D and having it still move in Daz Studio (rather than just coming back as a static object).  Below is a simple experiment of this concept where I exported the Daz Genesis figure in obj format, imported it into Wings 3D, extruded some spikes from the head, re-exported it in obj format, imported it back into Daz, and finally used the Transfer Utility to export all of the Genesis figure default items onto the imported obj file so that it would move around just like the original Genesis figure.  Sure enough, it worked!

(I messed around with the surface settings in Daz to give it the appearance shown above).

I tried to do the same thing in Sculptris, but I ran into a problem in that when I ran the Transfer utility the imported object kept going out of vertical alignment with the Genesis figure (even after I aligned it correctly beforehand).  After some experimentation I realized this was a problem not specifically with Sculptris but with the fact that I had moved the object in Sculptris so as to be able to zoom in on the head.  Trying again with the added step in Sculptris of moving the figure back to the original position as close as I could get it resulted in the alignment in Daz being almost correct, the difference presumably being due to my being slightly off in my attempt in Sculptris to return the figure to where it was before i moved it. *


Stuart Whitmore said...

Very interesting! I like seeing how you're making these tools work together to accomplish new things. :)

TedTheBlogger said...

Thanks, Stuart. I am enjoying the learning process :)