Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Site of the Day:

I recently signed up with the site According to the site's "about" page, Mefeedia describes itself as "an aggregator, a video feedreader. It is a place to watch videobloggers". That's all true, but it doesn't begin to do the site justice.

If you produce videos and/or a video blog, Mefeedia is a great place to gain exposure. Like many good video sharing sites, they claim no ownership in your content, don't mess with any ads you've embedded in your videos, and provide you with a large and growing audience. Beyond that, there are some things that really set them apart from the crowd:

(1) Rather than having to manually submit your videos to Mefeedia one at a time, you can submit "feeds" (such as Revver collections) and presto! Mefeedia grabs the information just as if you'd gone and submitted all of the individual videos in the feed. Mefeedia grabs updates from the feed when you add new videos to it without any additional effort on your part (typically within a day or so).

(2) They seem to have a great community of video creators/bloggers. I've only been there a couple of days, and I already feel right at home.

(3) Their terms of service page is legible, seems fair and comprehensible to me, and is short enough that you can read the whole thing without even having to scroll down! I get the feeling that they actually designed the site with their users in mind :)

If you watch videos, Mefeedia lets you ad feeds to your "channel", so that the stuff you want gets aggregated in one place. They also have a nice feature called "guides" which aggregate recommended video and audio feeds in one place. As of this writing they have almost 300 guides for almost 1800 video feeds. So if you're looking for a particular category, there's a good chance that someone has done some of the leg work for you. On the other hand, if you want to share your tastes or expertise with the community, you can also create your own guides, as many as you wish.

There are other features at the site that I have not had time to explore, but based on what I've seen so far, I definitely plan to look into them :) *

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Michael Meiser said...

Howdy ted. Thanks for the glowing review.

We're always on the lookout for community feedback. In fact we do have a user group if you care to join.

We just updated the individual video page yesterday evening and the guides pages to reflect more of the community.

(I love that lawn mower racing video. :)

Example guide:

My username is mmeiserpod on mefeedia. Be sure to friend me.